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San Jose High-Asset Divorce Lawyers: Board-Certified Family Law Specialists In California

If you are going through a high-asset divorce, an experienced Santa Clara County high-asset divorce attorney can help deal with the divorce process and better ensure your interests are protected.

Erickson Family Law LLP is a father-and-son law firm with over 55 years of combined experience dealing exclusively with family law. We stand out as board-certified specialists in the state of California for family law, leveraging our extensive experience and network of experts to help San Jose and Santa Clara County clients resolve complex issues, including high-asset divorce.

What Makes A High-Asset Divorce So Complex?

High net worth divorces involve the division of extensive property, making them inherently complex. Unlike standard divorces, these cases often include:

  • Businesses: Determining the value and ownership stakes of business interests.
  • Real estate: Multiple properties, including vacation homes and investment properties.
  • Valuable jewelry and artwork: High-value personal items that must be appraised and divided.
  • Heirlooms: Family items with significant sentimental and monetary value.
  • Retirement accounts and stocks: Complex financial instruments requiring careful valuation and division.
  • Employee benefits: Stock options, bonuses, deferred compensation and other benefits that need to be accurately assessed.

In high-asset divorces, the possibility of hidden assets may arise, necessitating the involvement of forensic accountants to ensure all assets are identified and valued.

What Tax Implications Should You Consider In A High Net Worth Divorce In California?

High-asset divorces in California come with intricate tax considerations. This may include issues related to tax basis, unrealized capital gains and loss carryovers among other tax considerations. In some situations, property division can trigger various tax consequences including capital gains tax, income tax and tax deductibility on alimony and other taxes associated with the sale or transfer of certain types of marital property.

Do You Need To Hire A Santa Clara County Divorce Attorney Experienced In High-Asset Divorces?

Given the complexities involved in high-asset divorces, hiring a divorce attorney with extensive experience in such cases is imperative. Erickson Family Law LLP has a proven track record of handling the complex issues related to high net worth divorces. Our attorneys are well-versed in the nuances of property division, property valuation, tax implications and the identification of both community property and separate property.

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